Today, almost 87% of the public in the US owns mobile and smartphones devices. According to a research conducted by Nielsen, smart phone users send more than 4 Billion texts each single day. In fact, texting has grown into one of the most popular communication channels in the United States.

SMS is considered to be the pillar of Mobile Marketing. Just think about the number of texts you receive each single day. How many of these do you disregard? Perhaps none.

The moment you hear the sound of text notification on your smart phone, it’s virtually impossible to overlook. You immediately try to see the message you just received. As a result, texting has grown into the number 1 use for smart phone devices.
Below are some of the things you want to remember when considering mobile marketing for your business:

1. Aggressively pursue growing your client database

Growing the database of present as well as potential clients for future promotions is amongst the best ways to increase your income. Your client database is a key element of your business.

2. Cross marketing promotions

Irrespective of what type of business you run, there are businesses (excluding your competitors) within your field which can cater to the needs of your target market. It is important that you work together along with them for cross marketing promotions. This can truly be a real game changer for your business.

3. Proofread your promotional message

In order to see the desired results for your mobile marketing campaign, you need to go through your promotional message carefully before broadcasting it. For example, you want to check if all the links within the message body are working fine or not. Also, see if you have placed a proper phone number which consumers can use to call you back. Failing to test such things could seriously hinder the growth of your company.

4. Create a mobile application only after you have decided upon a proper promotional tactic

Simply building a mobile app & then waiting for people to instantly find it won’t work every time. When creating an app, ensure that you have a right strategy with you for its promotion. For these, you have several options such as email promos, text messaging, conventional ads, etc. You must continue the promotion of your app through regular updates and other similar methods.

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